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About Us

In putting together this project, we set out to provide users with a comprehensive overview of the adult webcam sector and in the end guide them. Our aim was and is to provide the most detailed scrutiny of these sites by using having a rigorous process of independently rating them so that our audience can make an objective choice. Throughout this site you will see us repeatedly refer to our process because we want to ensure that when we analyse these sites, we are doing so using the same tools as we do for all site.

This allows us to ensure that our conclusions are arrived at using the same process no matter what sire we are reviewing. With that in mind, we believe that we have the most onerous and consistent ranking methodology on the net and thus our analysis and conclusions are far more reliable than other comparable sites.

The Team

From day one, we have assembled a comprehensive team to conduct this process and we have people from all walks of life. Our team draw on skills from numerous experiences in the web ranging from journalism, digital advertising, marketing, software development and various coding backgrounds. So we feel that we are the most qualified in this sector compared to our nearest rivals.